Interview with Author Vicki Ballante
Written by
Inge Saunders
August 2014
Written by
Inge Saunders
August 2014

Hi Vicki Ballante, it`s so exciting to have you here. I`ve wanted to interview you for a while now, so this is really awesome. I get to ask you questions I`ve been curious about *sneaky grin*

Thank you so much for having me on your interesting blog!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I originate from Durbs by the Sea, am married with two teenagers and an eleven-year old.I’ve been writing for years but only got published recently. I do write under another name but this is my “naughty” writing name.

What were you like at school?

I was the nerd, usually the last to follow the latest trends and also the quiet one. I had a handful of close friends and enjoyed being in the background. Don’t think that’s changed much.

*So being an author is perfect then!

Which authors inspire you?

I think I tend to enjoy books from authors who I know more than strangers. Somehow, that connects me to the book so I love so many of the Rosa ladies’ books like Romy Sommer’s, Rae River’s, Yolande Piennaar’s, Joss Wood’s and just about every one of them – really I can’t list them all but they’re great books. I also enjoy certain writers I know will always give me a good read.

*Aw that`s awesome. The Rosa ladies sure are a talented bunch. (I think I just gave myself a backhanded compliment there. NOT intended!lol)

What genre within romance do you enjoy the most?

Um…that’s a hard one as I enjoy a variety. I like contemporary, fantasy, chicklit, paranormal, and erotic. I generally choose suspense/crime/sci-fi last although I like a light mystery sometimes to take a break from romance. And I do like a good historical romance occasionally.

So, what have you written?

Under my other writing name, I’ve written lots of books – some complete and some not. Only a few have made it above the slush pile. I enjoy writing poems but only really use them for love letters to my better half. I write novellas too and usually my full-length books don’t go over 60K words. I admire those who can write long 100 – 200K books that keep you gripped the whole way through. Under Vicki, I’ve written four books so far – erotic or fantasy romances.

I wrote another spicy book under Kaitlyn Deleman a few years ago. It’s pretty amateur but was my first dip into the erotic genre.

I run two writing blogs and two other blogs! Crazy, yes I know.

*Oh my word! Hectic! I need to get some tips from you on how to manage more than one site :)

Where can we buy or see them?

Um, my debut novel comes out in September with Decadent Publishing under the Ubuntu Line. I also have a full-length coming out with them shortly after that which falls under the Beyond Fairytales line. Then later on in the year or early next year, my fantasy romance will be released – also an Ubuntu book.

You can check out my Kaitlyn Deleman novel here: Silk, Gingham and Lace (

(Take note – it’s not your standard erotic romance.)


You have a new release coming up in September 2014; tell us a bit about that.


At Second Glance is my first erotic romance. I have to admit I was a little green when writing it although it was a complete blast. Here’s the blurb:

Four years after her divorce, Merryn decides she’s ready to find someone. Joining an online singles site, she connects with the perfect guy. Funny, sexy, sensitive. When he suggests they meet, excitement compels her to say yes.

Kirk pines for his ex-wife, but realizes he must move forward. After several stimulating online chats, he believes she might be the one for him. Smart, sexy, willing to experiment and learn. But when he happens across his ex, all his plans fly out the window.

Will Merryn learn to relax and have fun without giving her heart? Can Kirk forget the past and become the man he longs to be?

Give us an insight of your main character,what does he/she do that is so special?

Merryn works in a lab checking out bodily fluids. Sounds pretty gross but she’s great at her job. She’s a young woman keen on exploring her sexuality after a failed marriage.

One fun fact about the hero of your book.

The hero is a librarian! For a university library.

*Librarians are some of my favourite people :)

Which actress would you like to see play the lead character for the heroine in At Second Glance?

Katheryn Winnick would fit her well – the classic beauty with a bit of spunk.



Excerpt 1 (Semi Erotic – Only for 18+)

Panda: I have no idea what you look like. Are you as prickly as your profile pic?

Her user name was Hedge, short for hedgehog, her favorite animal. She had downloaded a cute pic of a hedgehog from an online free photos website. The little pokey nose and eyes took up the bulk of the picture, but the prickles were still visible.

Hedge: Are you as cuddly as yours?

His panda bear thumbnail showed one patched eye and a nose.

Panda: Will you ever know? Tell me, I’m curious to know what you’ve learned in your research.

Hedge: Not much actually. I read erotic romance novels. I’ve read up about all sorts of things that I was never willing to try before.

Panda: I gather you were in a relationship before?

Hedge: Let’s not go there.

She took in a shaky sigh. She didn’t want to dump all of her hurt onto a complete stranger, even though she would never see him.

Panda: I’ve had several of those.

Hedge: There. You’re a modern guy.

Panda: That’s why I’m trying to be a bit more old-fashioned. Maybe I should research on chivalry. I’m learning that for women it’s not all about the sexual act. There needs to be a build-up, some stroking and loving first.

The room felt hot. She fanned her face with her hands. This guy sounded dreamy, sexy. So far, their chat had been very platonic. Now suddenly, it had changed direction.

Hedge: You are a guy, right?

Panda: You insult me. I know some guys just want to rush things to climax and are only interested in the sex part. I’m different. I want to build a relationship, too.

Hedge: Yeah, but that can get in the way of having some fun.

Panda: You are a woman, right?

She laughed out loud and peered at the door to ensure Dr. Seer didn’t come with another sample. All the romance novels implied women nowadays were crazy about sex. When she’d first starting reading the genre, she’d hated them and deleted a whole lot from her e-reader. Curious again, she’d downloaded a couple more. She got hooked. Maybe they had something she didn’t have and she could learn from them. When Fifty Shades of Grey came out, she’d already read all the stuff. But if she were faced with a real relationship again, would she be like she was with her ex-husband Kirk, stiff and unsure of herself?


Author Bio:

Vicki writes erotic and fantasy romance. She loves taking her characters into an alternate world where strange and sexy things happen. She lives with her patient husband and three brainy kids in South Africa. In between being a busy stay-at-home Mom who hates housework and spends half her life cooking everything from scratch, she runs several blogs, writes under another name, and buries herself in the delightful world of her characters. When growing up, her school friends asked her if she wanted to be a nun. She always said “no.” Wonder whether they’d agree if they read her books.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?





Thank you very much Vicki for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this Spotlight Interview. This was such a pleasure.

Thank you for having me!!

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