Ways to make styling of your wigs
Written by
Croc Fields
August 2014
Written by
Croc Fields
August 2014

Cheap wigs are on her hands and feet are a lot of people will be, but the consequence is to let their hair looks dry frizz, especially in this dry weather inside, more prone to this problem. What daily lives to how we can better nursing their hair, get rid hair problems.


In her book, wrote: I really do not really need too wig going to get it the whole it is a healthy and natural beauty. Ways to maintain healthy hair, in addition to focusing on clean, not stained not hot outside, focus on the details of everyday life is also very important, please open his eyes to see abnormal behavior I am going to introduce the history of the most demanding hair care act non-local king must go! Wanted a hair fluttering beauty it?

Regular shampoo: regular shampoo on the cheap lace wigs makes it easy attachment of pollution particles have nowhere to go, so not only maintain hair health, but also greatly reduces the friction caused because of particulate matter, it is not easy to split hair breakage. Washed Conditioner: hair lotion in the hair cationic actives surfactant molecules aligned, so that the hair charge reduction, resistance is lowered, enhancing the antistatic effect of the protective film.

Avoid alcohol stimuli: You can not use products containing alcohol when styling cheap wigs, because alcohol will make the hair dry and dull, become frizzy. If you can, I would like him to use disposable type element, because it not only a protective film on the surface of the hair can also help hair styling.

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