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  • A Travel Experience like Never before with Destination Management Companies
A Travel Experience like Never before with Destination Management Companies
Written by
Tommy Thomas
August 2014
Written by
Tommy Thomas
August 2014

 Are you planning a corporate incentive trip for your employees and looking for the best ways to make the most of it. If an never like before experience along with some team building motivation is something you want to give them, then a fabulous idea is to get on touch with an event management company, specialization in destination management. Quite a number of corporate institutions are opting for this incentive alternative to give that something extra to their employees and can be a fine way to keep them motivated toward putting in their 100% every single day. The destination management industry is growing by leaps and bounces courtesy the increasing demands of clients, and with the unique experience ideas in their kitty, the industry seems to have quite a bright future. Want to know further on what a Destination Management Company does and how can it benefit you, then read further.

Vietnam Charitable Trip,Via - Dirk Tussing

What does a Destination Management Company do?

What a Destination Management Company specializes in is making a travel experience unique for the client, by managing every aspect of the trip and the events associated to the trip. Right from accommodation to travelling, from the tour activities to unique event ideas, a destination management company custom makes every tour package to give the clients a larger than life experience. Be it for incentive trips, weddings, conferences, dealers meet, or product launches, these experts are true professionals in what they do and offer you nothing less than excellent services, as according to your preference. Whatever destination you choose for your trip, the destination management company has representatives placed over there, who knows in depth about the local culture and heritage, cuisines, activities etc to give you an authentic experience of the venue. For instance if you choose Sydney as your offsite destination, then pick an expert in event management Sydney, who plan it out for you completely and give you an experience of a lifetime.

How do destination management companies work?

  1. Post getting a destination preference from the client, the experts from the destination management company undertake a preliminary evaluation to prepare a tailor-made proposal for the client. This proposal will fit your needs and budget as a client.
  2. Next according to the occasion, be it a corporate incentive trip for the purpose of team building or a wedding, the company plans the schedule of events, i.e. the event flow. For instance in case of a incentive trip, accommodation facility, time for group breakfast, team building activity, conferences, gala dinner etc are planned out in detail.
  3. Next they negotiate with local vendors to get the best rates for the client to give an ultimate experience to them. Since they have years of experience working in different locations, getting the best rates for you isn’t a big deal at all.


So basically with a event cum destination management company, you get the benefit of enjoying the trip and every aspect of it, while from top to toe everything is managed by them. The entire process of travelling is simplified and broken into pieces by the Destination Manager. The entire proposal is broken down into cost elements as well, so you get a clear picture as to what you are paying for.

Vietnam Charitable Trip,Via - Dirk Tussing

Still wondering why you need such professionals to plan out your corporate trips and why you can’t do it by yourself? Well, first this is an absolute new experience for you, whereas they have been doing this for years together. Their experience and rich contacts will let you make the most of the trip at cost effective rates, which a regular person can never give you. Thus, if you want a rich cultural experience in your trip filled with unique and engaging activities, hiring a professional is a good idea.



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