Types of online tarot card reading
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August 2014
Written by
August 2014

There are different kinds of online tarot card readings. You can use the different kinds of tarot readings depending upon the belief and certain things you belongs in your life. Now with the advent of modern technology the tarot card readings are now available in online also. The advancement in technology and increasing popularity for belief in tarot card reading among the people led to the development of separate software for online tarot reading. One of the best ways to use online tarot card reading is to search through the Google and find the correct tarot reading which suits you very well. There are lots of online free tarot card readings are available in the internet. The task is yours to choose the best online tarot card readings. There are different kinds of online tarot readings available. Some of them are explained below:

Ø Tetraktys
Ø Cross and triangle spread
Ø Celtic cross spread


The one of the best thing in this part of our world is to choose the best online tarot cards available in online otherwise your predictions will went wrong and you will face severe consequences. Tetraktys is one of the types of online tarot cards available and also it is considered as best online tarot cards available in this world. Tetraktys spread is depending upon Pythagorean mathematics. It consists of ten cards and it also provides the snapshots available in overall state. There are also basic and physical beliefs available and they will also provide you the elements that produce the physical beliefs. The lists of card names are:

1. Fire 2. Air 3. Water 4. Earth 5. Creator 6. Sustainer 7. Destroyer

Cross and triangle spread:

These kinds of spreads are used to exposure yourselves in a better manner. it will provide you direct answers about your future and other things in life. It is one of the major types of tarot cards available in this world. Here too there are different kinds of cards are available and some of them are listed below:

1. Life force 2. Thoughts 3. Emotions 4. Sprit 5. Physical self

Celtric cross spread:

The last and important step in the online tarot is this type. Using this you can find out the shed lights and directs you in good way and kinds of shed lights that will make you out of the world.

Find these things and explore in a proper manner.

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