Keep Conner's killer behind bars

On June 15, I wrote you about two year-old Conner Bachuss who died at the hands of his mother's, Mashanna Bachuss, ex-boyfriend Ronald Saunders. Today I received word there has been an update to block Conner's killers parole. The Block Parole Petition drive is currently in progress and Ms. Bachuss and her family need your help to keep Conner's killer behind bars. Please take a moment of your time and submit your petition today to keep Ronald Saunders in prison for the remainder of his 10 year sentence.

Baby Conner suffered multiple injuries including bruising on his face and neck, internal bleeding, severe brain damage and several large bruises on his back. He also had 114 small puncture wounds. Doctors removed a thumbtack from the top of Conner's stomach. After and MRI was completed doctor's told Mashanna Bachuss that Baby Conner was brain dead. They asked for her permission to take Baby Conner off life support. A day later, with his family at his bedside, Baby Connor was removed from life support and died a short time later.

Ronald Saunders was charged with the toddlers murder. In court Saunders denied the killing the toddler, but later confessed his crimes to a fellow inmate while serving in jail. Saunders told the inmate he and Baby Conner were laying on the floor sleeping and toddler had kicked him in the back. Saunders said he then went into a daze. The next thing he remembered he was using one of his hands to hold the back of Baby Conner's head down with one leg across the toddlers back and the other leg across the toddlers legs. He also stated he had a pin in his hand.

Unfortunately there were no witnesses to the crime. In order to ensure a conviction the prosecutor allowed Saunders to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter. He received a sentence of ten years in prison. Saunders took an Alford Plea which means he refused to admit guilt however he acknowledged there was more than enough evidence to convict him of Baby Conner's murder.

Saunders had a history of violence. He had been investigated by children's services in North Carolina. Saunders was investigated after his girlfriend's son missed three days of daycare. When the child returned to daycare he had a bruised and bloodshot eye, bruising behind both ears, two swollen lips and bruising on his forehead. The child was later removed from the home. Saunders was believed to have inflicted the injuries but was never formally charged.

Saunders has never shown remorse for the death of Baby Conner. Like most child abusers, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions. Releasing Saunders prior to serving his maximum sentence of ten years would deny Baby Conner the justice he deserves and place the community at risk.

Currently the parole of Ronald Saunders has been denied, but another hearing is scheduled October 2014. Please do your part and help keep Ronald Saunders in prison where he belongs. In doing so you will be giving Conner a voice against his abuser and giving him the justice he so rightfully deserves. I hope that you will take the time to submit a petition to block the parole of Baby Conner's killer, Ronald Saunders.

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