Carine Mapish takes a stand against child abuse

Childhood sexual abuse is a growing epidemic around the globe. This is unacceptable with over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse affecting 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys. Research has shown, along with parents and caregivers, many educators are unaware of the signs, symptoms and prevention of childhood sexual abuse; adding to the rapid and ever rising statistics.

Today, I was introduced to first time author Carine Mapish and the release of her new book "Dirty Sex Crime." Inside Mapish writes her own personal story of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

With her unconditional love for the others, she has encountered numerous people that used her emotionally, physically and sexually. These tragic events traumatized her and bullied her; resulting in her having issues with trust, bonding and socializing. This has greatly contributed to her low self-esteem and suicidal attempts.

Mapish attempted to run from her past, but she couldn't until she had the courage to reveal her past to her husband, Kuzi, and her young brother Eric. Together they encouraged her to stand up, speak out and share her story with other survivors.

Through this book, she hopes to encourage others to talk about their abuse, name their abuser and go from victim to victor.

An excerpt from "Dirty Sex Crime":

"There are no words that can describe in detail the mix of feelings that a survivor will probably feel for the rest of his or her life, or for a long period of his or her life. It's an extreme anger, all the while knowing that they are unable to do much. It's a profound sadness that a single look of a passerby can crush you without explanation. It's a self-disgust that makes you wish you could change bodies so that you would no longer be a survivor."

Dirty Sex Crime is currently available in Paperback and Kindle. Get your copy exclusively at

* I will be reviewing Dirty Sex Crime in the next few days so look forward to my upcoming review.

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