TGIF basic thoughts on Writing

It's one of those summer Friday afternoons when I feel like I should keep writing but instead am just thinking of writing... so here's my top 10 basic TGIF writing tips...

1) Write on a regular schedule.(Doesn't have to include Friday afternoons!) 

2) Finish a first draft of what you write. 

3) Re-write. 

4) Share it with someone who reads a lot.

5) Re-write and look at plot closely.

6) Re-write and look at characters closely.

7) Re-read entire work,try reading parts out loud. Cats are very good listeners. Some are good readers.

8) Finish.Say it's done.It's good enough. So many really good writers I've met in workshops, in the MFA program, never trust in themselves to say a work is finished.oming a big collector of names). Be generous to 

9) Send it out into the world— and this is a much larger discussion—— but letting it go is the important part, if you want to be a writer with readers (as opposed, I guess, to a diarist).

10) Breathe. Take a breath. Read, a lot. Take notes on what you read. Is there a word you discover? Is there a name? (I'm becother writers. Write a review. Try a different form, for example, write flash fiction if you write novels. Don't wait too long to return to #1.

Do you have some TGIF basic writing tips to share? Have a great weekend all!


PS If you haven't read BEFORE MY EYES, my new young adult novel yet, look for it!!

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