My Endless Love of Writing
Written by
Morgan Prince
July 2014
Written by
Morgan Prince
July 2014

If you've read any of my posts this week you'll know that my eldest boy, BP (who's 9), has been away on a school trip. He gets back at 7pm and I can't wait to hear him tell us about all the things he's seen and done. I'm sure he will talk our ears off when he gets home.

Having BP away has been hard in many ways but the most surprising was my energy levels. I've been so tired this week because of having to occupy LP the whole time and I feel a long weekend of sleeping is well overdue. But the other thing I've missed out on this week is my writing time. I haven't written one word for the book and I'm definitely missing it.

Friday afternoon I stopped, mid-sentence, because BP was ill. I spent the weekend getting him ready for his trip and this week I've spent all my time with LP. Last night I was thinking about getting back to the book but the dreaded self-doubt hit. What if I can't remember what I was going to write? What if it's rubbish? Why am I even bothering, I can't write well anyway. And the rest.

This morning I went for a run outside. I don't usually run outside, there aren't many flat areas near me and I can't run uphill, not yet anyway. However a friend of mine invited me along with her on a route she had mapped out and there were no hills. As I ran along a path I was surrounded by greenery, fields stretched into the distance on both sides of me and a forest ahead. My feet hit the ground and the crunching of the stones under my trainers kept me going, like the beat of music. The wind blew and cooled my burning face. And my muse sat on my shoulder chatting and inspiring me. The. Whole. Time. Typical!

As many writers know the most likely time your muse will show up is when it is simply impossible for you to jot down what he/she/it is saying. After my evening of self-doubt I was so pleased to be hearing her words that I ignored the fact that I couldn't take notes and listened. Not only did her words keep me going on my run but I was somehow able to remember every word and as soon as I got to my car I tapped them into my notes app. And now my writing mojo is back. Yay!

The life of a writer is full of hills and valleys. Sometimes you feel like you can't write one word, it's as if there's something blocking the words coming out of your brain. Other times your fingers can't move quick enough over the keyboard. Your muse always sits in the background, watching. They don't often get involved but when they do it's a truly amazing feeling. The ideas and images they conjure up make you want to write immediately. But the very best thing about being a writer is that it never goes away.

I can spend months with the self-doubt imp or that nasty writer's block monster but sooner or later I know my muse will save me. Some inspiration will hit and I'll be back in front of the computer with my fingers speeding across the keyboard emitting smoke as they go. My love of creating worlds and characters is so deep that it won't ever leave. It's like my love for my children, endless.

By Morgan Prince

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