Who Am I?
Written by
Michele Corgiat
July 2014
Written by
Michele Corgiat
July 2014

I am a girl,
a woman,
a dreamer 
In my youth, I have visions for the future,
but fear my own limitations
I desire to be strong, but I feel so small 
To be a woman of independence,
but I remain in need 
To have a life of adventure,
but revel in the comfort of stability 
I have visions of sailing through life,
but have a constant sense of drowning 
I yearn to be loved by a man that will cherish me as a treasure 
I want to believe that I am that treasure but am not sure
I anguish over God’s presence,
but sense that He has always been there.
I reject the faith of my family,
but want a faith that I own. 
I learn to deal with my wounds,
but struggle to not avoid them at all cost
 So many vie for my attention,
but I struggle with finding a focus that is worthy 
I want to know who I am,
but find this to be journey and not a destination

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