Science in the fiction
Written by
Jeanne Nicholas
July 2014
Written by
Jeanne Nicholas
July 2014

      When I write stories I want my science to be exact.  But fiction is never exact.  Fiction is, by definition, writing something that is based on information or events that are not real.  Thankfully, fiction is my way of using the most creative part of myself to express unknown wonders and to allow others to understand the possibilities that could exist.  I love to write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories which let me use my imagination and my artistic abilities, such as drawing and music, to build new worlds, new possibilities, and add new flavors of the imagination to taste.

      Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every time you walked into an ice cream store you get to try a new flavor?  And not just any new flavor but something wild like “running with the bulls” flavor or “skydiving” flavor.  So now you know my weakness, ice cream.  But what about the science?  Could ice cream ever taste like “feeling the water splash on you as your kayak down white water rapids?”  Or is there a flavor that identifies with “riding high above the cityscape in a hot air balloon?” 

      That’s where the science comes into play.  I can setup an Ice Cream shop that serves ice cream of ANY flavor, but the science has to show its part to explain how this is done.  Maybe not show all the secrets to my Any Flavor success, kind of like not revealing a hidden ingredient, but, the majority of the people will never believe they can taste the majesty of the Grand Canyon or the power of Niagara Falls without some sort of idea.  So lets add a little bit of science…

  1. Pick your flavor, any flavor you can imagine.
  2. Put on my newly invented trans-dermal patch that delivers a microscopic drop of adrenaline and my secret ingredient to help your molecules form a chemical bond to three of the primary senses of touch, taste, and smell.
  3. Add the additional wrist band you must wear when you eat.  This band will tap into your Physiological emotions that are rushing through your blood.  These emotions are predicting what the ‘taste’ is supposed to be like and will feed that flavor directly into your brain.

     Voila, I have invented the Any Flavor Ice Cream and I have some science to back it up.  What will you invent?

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