A Warm Hello!
Written by
diedre Knight
June 2014
Written by
diedre Knight
June 2014

Howdy Everyone!

Signing in from sizzling southern Arizona where I was born and braised, baked and sometimes fried to the sort of perfection that only a lizard could appreciate. And still I bask…

Semi-retirement has afforded the long desired time to write over two hundred short stories for children, a couple dozen mysteries for grown-ups, countless blogs and lengthy missives (I tend to rant sometimes) on everything from goat-heads to forgetting your very first ‘lost’ tooth at the bottom of Salt River Canyon.

Meanwhile, my modest library lovingly boasts the works of Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson , a host of great one-book wonders (Has anyone read Life of Pi?), and yeah, I like a good romance now and then!

Speaking of titles, I’m astonished to realize the one I’ve held the longest is ‘Married’, though certainly the adventures have been fodder for many interesting stories.  Other inspirations are my daughter and grandson and the recent addition of two chocolate Labs; destined to dwarf me when they grow into those massive paws!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sincerely me,


(Not a type-o, folks.)


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  • Sakki selznick Publishing

    Those goatheads again. Lord, I hated those puppies. Though I must admit that their four way spiked symmetry is gorgeous viewed close up, (before they break apart and pierce skin or tire)

    I lived in Arizona briefly as a kid. Loved the mountains. Hated the dessert. Oh, I saw the beauty, but I'm (like you, I guess) glow-in-the-dark pale. I fried in the summer, and the one time we drove out to see the wild flowers, I had such an intense allergic reaction I thought my body was trying to kill me, so sat in the car, windows up, sneezing every two seconds until I could barely breathe.
    I did want to live near slide rock, which we visited before they paved paradise and put up a parking lot and bathrooms. I guess that would put me in Sedona, and I'd probably hate it now that it's all built up. And I really enjoyed Bisbee, which was then a rough and tumble artist's colony, families living in unconverted Chinese laundries, etc. We're back in the Midwest now, where the winters only can be nose-bleed dry, but where I feel that soft, humid air on my skin like a kiss and know I'm home. I wonder if it's all about where she gestated and then finished cooking as children?

    Any rate, your writing in posts is vivid and funny and fine. Nice to make your acquaintance. Sara