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  • Vanessa Kachadurian on children dumped into the USA the crisis facing America
Vanessa Kachadurian on children dumped into the USA the crisis facing America

There is a sad disaster happening in America today, and it is very planned and orchestrated.  Its not an easy story to write nor is there an easy solution to this event.  To date over 48,000 children from Central and South American countries mostly Honduras, Guatemala have been abandoned, literally dumped in America.  Some have parents already here (they are the lucky ones that have united with them) the others are sent alone, some as young as 3 years old.  To avoid gangs, poverty, and other horrid treatment in their countries.  So we are told.

The ICE, Border Patrol and Health and Human Services (HHS) are strapped, none have a clue what to do.  They are dammed if they send them back and dammed for holding /caring for them in the USA.  Some people suggest they are used as easy immigration and other Americans point out we have done less for our returning American Veterans than we do for non-Americans.  Although these are children, it is pointed out that they are here illegally and thousands of people wait years to migrate to the USA and spend thousands of dollars on immigration fees.  So what is the right answer?

The sad part is this has strapped an already strapped system that is burdened, HHS has asked for $1.4 Billion for 2014 and they are expecting another 60,000 abandoned children in 2015 and have  requested another $2 billion (total $3.4 billion)  to transport, vaccinate, feed, cloth, etc.   Our healthcare is a shambles in the USA and to pay for every illegal or non American may not be feasible.  But what we are not hearing is solutions to the problems they are facing in their countries so that we don't have another 60,000 entering -no ABANDONED in America. 

This could be the US State Departments final blow to the International Adoption Agencies who have already lost over 60% of their profitable agencies due to countries closing down on the US and the financial challenges that keep Americans from spending $45,000+ on children they are uncertain are even adoptable.  But what the heck the child is from another country and the natural parent will be out of their life forever once they reach America. 

Will the US State Department along with the HHS fast track some of these children into their foster care system to adopt out to Americans?  My bet is they will at least for the ones where there is no parent stepping forward.  The other alternative is to permanently house them in military bases and the FEMA camps.  None seems to be a good solution. 

Here is one of the many article about this disaster facing America.


Amid reports of poor conditions and allegations of abuse by American officials, the Obama administration announced it is designating a third military base to house children illegally entering the United States.

According to Reuters, unnamed administration officials said the third facility would be located at an Army base in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and will initially house 600 children before bumping up its capacity to 1,200. Over the last few weeks, similar housing facilities have been created in California and Texas.

The announcement comes as the government struggles to deal with an overwhelming influx of undocumented children entering the United States, primarily from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Many of the children are believed to be hoping for a reunion with parents or other family relatives, but critics of the White House have blamed what they see as lax border security for the escalating situation.

Already, roughly 1,000 children are being held at a makeshift holding facility in Nogales, Arizona, where the undocumented immigrants are housed until they receive vaccinations and go through other checkpoints. After that, they are flown to other cities where they’re cases unfold and some are put through deportation procedures.

As RT reported previously, the Border Patrol in Texas found itself dealing with as many as 48,000 children crossing into the US through the Rio Grande Valley. Unable to deal with so many people locally, the Department of Homeland security transferred many to Arizona and other facilities

As a result of these increased numbers, the Department of Health and Human Services – which takes custody of the children once they are in government hands – is requesting approximately $2 billion for fiscal year 2015 in order to deal with the situation. For the current year, HHS has been allocated about $868 million. Another $560 million will be requested by Homeland Security.

As the government moves to adapt to the situation, allegations of abuse are also surfacing from the immigrants themselves. BuzzFeed has obtained documents in which some children claim physical and verbal abuse by US officials, including one boy who said a border patrol agent kicked him in the stomach. Other accusations involve punching, verbal abuse, and the denial of medical treatment.

Although it’s unknown how many of the accusations are credible, the American Immigration Council revealed last month that between 2009 and 2012, there were 809 allegations of abuse against Border Patrol. In 97 percent of the cases, no action was taken.

In Nogales, specifically, conditions at the holding facility have come under scrutiny. Children have reportedly complained that the food being served has made them sick, and the lack of mattresses and medical supplies have made living conditions difficult. Additional showers were just recently added, which led Honduras’ consul to Arizona Tony Banegas to conclude that “conditions are improving.”

"What happened today is they added four showers,” he told local CBS 5 News. “Some of the girls were able to take their first shower in 10 days. They're planning to build 60 in the next few days."

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