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  • How to maintain high heel leather boots?
How to maintain high heel leather boots?
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June 2014
Written by
June 2014

High leather boots stays in fashion from centuries and they will hopefully stays in fashion in future. These fashion boots will come in different sizes and shapes and they can turn you on in a minute. Traditional look of high heel boots is knee length, black leather upper, 5” stiletto heels with pointed tor. Aside zip is a must for high heel leather boots.

Why high heels are important?

Women who love shoes cannot see their wardrobe complete until they have at least one pair of high heels. These boots are quite expensive and need lot of care to get things fixed and to look always fashionable. On the other hand no one wants to loos their fashionable and expensive boots ruined after two or three parties. Here in this article we are sharing some great practical tips for you so that you can take care of your shoes in a better way.

Designer high heel boots purchased by women need lot of care as they are obtained after paying a lot. They need more care than ordinary shoes as they cannot survive without maintenance.

How to prevent them from water stains?

 Water can cause huge damage to these expensive shoes brought from gipsydharma.com that is why it is a must to take care of them. In case they become wet from water one should keep them in dry place so that they can dry naturally. In case you have a boot tree then it is better to insert them in your boots and let them sit dry. Other than white rags or towel can be used to dry them out as they will observe excessive moisture and dry them out. Keep your boots away from heat as heat can crack them up. After they are dried it is must to apply leather conditioner so that boots can become soft.

Ink stains can make your boot look disastrous, but they can be removed with hair spray. Simple wipe off with a clean piece of cloth, although ink removal is difficult and will need professional cleaning for affective results but giving a try to home remedies too.

Salt stains also cause harm to boots, but they can be removed by rubbing mixture of 1 cup alcohol with 1 cup water. Simply dap a clean cloth and apply it on the affected area and after sometime the stain will be removed.

Simply mix one ice bag on the stained place to harden up the gum and after that it can easily be removed from the shoe with any hard and sharp surface.

Grease stains can be removed from the boot by sprinkling talcum powder or cornstarch. After no more than four hours simply you can wipe off the mixture using clean cloth. Before applying anything on leather boots it is must to understand that no too leathers are of similar quality. Leather can react differently that is why it is recommended to use chemical with care specially boots that are purchased from gipsydharma.com.

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