Some more of the story on B

After lunch I heard activity across the hall from my apartment and went out to find one of B's sons visiting. He let me go in to talk to B. Her bedroom door was closed but he said, "Go on in. Women allowed." And I walked through the door, called out to B, who was in the bathroom. "Hi, B, just checking on you. What's happening?" "Well, I'm naked right now." "I won't come in then, but wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. Glad you're getting cleaned up and dressed." And I left, after a bit more conversation with K, who told me about the family's plan for having one of them there "around the clock" and seeing about getting some personal care help on covering the nights. "My mother is better now after a very rough start today." I left feeling some better for B, laughing about her reporting on her nakedness in the bathroom. That's just like her. She still has her sense of humor!

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  • Susan Hoyle

    You saw it at last! And I was thinking just this morning that I'd like to read another blogpost from you soon... No pressure, of course... xx

  • Diane L. Fowlkes

    Thank you, Susan. And I'm glad you finally got through. Some procedures require persistence, don't they? I appreciate yours! Persistence, that is.

  • Susan Hoyle

    A belated comment, now that I have been allowed on :) -- this is really good stuff, Diane! Keep up the good work!