Chapter 17 - Land Ho!

Chapter 17 – Land Ho!

All week I’ve struggled with Chapter 17. It was in poor shape on Sunday when I began to work on it. I had frustration, heart aches and indigestion because nothing sounded good. The writing was unfocused and meandered around a lot and I have to say it sounded childish to me, which is the biggest criticism I have about my own writing.

 I woke up in the middle of the night a couple times with ideas on how to make it better, admonishing myself to remember them in the morning and for the most part I did. I just have one lingering feeling that I forgot something. Oh well.

As the frustration mounted each day, I called my dear friend, Anita Knowles for help on Wednesday. She read the chapter and gave me valuable pointers and renewed direction. Chapter 17 describes our land fall after 23 days at sea sailing from San Diego to an island in French Polynesia called Nuku Hiva, 3,300 miles away. One of the short stories I tell in the chapter is about the local native boys who followed my sisters and me around, swimming out to our boat with beer and cigarettes at age twelve. Here is a picture of me on our boat with two of the boys.

As I revise the chapters I wrote two years ago, I am beginning to think that sometimes it’s harder to revise work than it is to write it fresh. What do you think?


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