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  • April newsletter (Inlcuding link to FREE short story published in The Suburban Online Magazine)
April newsletter (Inlcuding link to FREE short story published in The Suburban Online Magazine)

Hi everyone,


I hope you are all doing well.  I sure am!!!


I had so much going on this past week and a half, and decided to consolidate everything into a single message.


First, my short story ‘’The Coming of Spring’’ did not get published in the April 11th issue of The Suburban Online Magazine, but rather on the 25th, so today.  Here is the link to the magazine, which will take you to page .  This link is good until Friday, and then the magazine will be archived.




Also, I wrote a very emotional memoir of motherhood which was included in the compilation book ‘’They Call me MamaBear’’ put together by my author friend Amber Royce.  I felt quite naked exposing some of my personal thoughts, as opposed to my fictional characters doing and thinking things, but am happy to have shared my true story.  The book was released on April 18 and is currently available on Amazon.


On April 22, the anthology of poetry ‘’Words of Fire and Ice’’ was released.  4 of my poems were featured in this book, which instantly made it to #2 on the general poetry anthologies category and #3 on the multi-author poetry anthologies bestseller lists.  It has recently moved up to #1 in both categories!!!


 On a side note, the anthology ‘’Aspiring to Inspire,’’ where my poem ‘’Hiding in the Wilderness’’ and short story ‘’Born to Sing’’ were featured, instantly became a bestseller last month and is still sitting at number 1. 


 I am in the final stages of putting together my upcoming book ‘’Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories’’ to be released in May.  I am also in the process of writing the sequel to ‘’Not Alone’’ since readers seemed to love the original, based on the good reviews and positive comments I received.


I recently submitted some short stories for an anthology that is due to be released sometime this summer, so wish me luck! 


Thanks to everyone for your support!!!

Have a great day!!!  =)

Author Chantal Bellehumeur 

PS.  I negotiated with my previous publishers, Rosedog Books, and the kindle of all 7 titles published with them have been reduced by 50%, so buy them now on Amazon!!!

P.S.S. The kindle version of my feel good book ''Not Alone'' will be on sale for only 0.99 on Amazon between May 9-12.

Ok, now I think I covered everything. 

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