Learning to market my novel on my own
Written by
Sarah Ward
April 2014
Written by
Sarah Ward
April 2014

Almost every week I receive an email from a writer, marketing their blog, trying to sell their method of marketing, or just sharing a jewel carefully crafted.

Sometimes I read the articles, get an idea or two. But most of the time, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of work that it takes to market your own novel. 

Writing, editing, crafting... those are the easy parts.  Once the novel is completed, and published.  The hard work begins... marketing.

Getting it out there is tough and I'm still learning...

I've heard that you should do something every day... But my day job doesn't leave me much time for that.  So I aim for once a week.  Who can I talk to about my book.  Can I tweet?  Update my Facebook page?  Is that enough?  No!  There is still so much more to do.

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