Author's Resource: 101 Days of Facebook and Twitter Questions
One question a day for 101 consecutive days.

Last week we discussed 5 Ways to Find More Daily Writing Time. And this week we'll be switching gears back to my favorite topic: Social media.

One of the most engaging things an author can do on their Facebook and Twitter pages is to ask their fans questions. But sometimes it can be difficult to find author/bibliophile related questions. So I've compiled a list of my favorite 101 for your use.

Included are three types:

  1. Fill in the blanks
  2. Opened ended
  3. This, this, or that.

Just copy and paste each question onto your Facebook or Twitter (or other social media) page and voila!

Here they are (in groups of 10):

1. Fill in the blank: My favorite writer is _______.
2. Fill in the blank: The best book I've ever read is _______.
3. Fill in the blank: My top 3 books are _______.
4. Fill in the blank: My favorite quote from a book is_______.
5. Fill in the blank: I have never liked books about _______.
6. Fill in the blank: Books are _______.
7. Which do you prefer? Heroes or villains?
8. Fill in the blank: The book _______ is a modern day classic.
9. Are comic books and graphic novels as important as "traditional" books?
10. Fill in the blank: My favorite hero of all time is _______.

11. Fill in the blank: My secret literary crush has always been _______.
12. Fill in the blank: The first book I remember reading as a child was _______.
13. Why do books get banned?
14. Fill in the blank: The funniest book I've ever read is called _______.
15. Fill in the blank: Everyone should read _______.
16. Can a book change the world?
17. Fill in the blank: If my life was a book, the title would be_______.
18. Fill in the blank: Authors are _______.
19. Fill in the blank: If I was alone on a desert island with one book, the title of that book would be _______.
20. Fill in the blank: My least favorite hero of all time is_______.

21. Fill in the blank: Villains are _______.
22. Libraries, bookstores or coffeeshops?
23. Fill in the blank: If I could ask my favorite author one question, I'd ask them _______.
24. Do you read short stories?
25. What is poetry?
26. Which do you prefer? Traditional heroes or antiheroes?
27. Do poems need to rhyme?
28. Fill in the blank: I don't understand _______ books.
29. My favorite film adaptation from a book is _______.
30. Fill in the blank: Books are for _______.

31. What is the name of your favorite book store?
32. Fill in the blank: Writers are _______.
33. Why do people read books?
34. Fiction or nonfiction?
35. Fill in the blank: In addition to books, I read _______.
36. Fill in the blank: If my life was a book, the first sentence would be _______.
37. Who is your least favorite literary character?
38. Fill in the blank: The most moving stories are _______.
39. Fill in the blank: Every time I read the book _______, I cry.
40. Fill in the blank: A "classic" book is_______.

41. Fill in the blank: My favorite time of day to read is _______.
42. Fill in the blank: At first I didn't like the book _______, but now I love it!
43. Paper book or eBook?
44. Fill in the blank: There's always time to read _______.
45. Which do you prefer? Books about people or books about animals?
46. Fill in the blank: I learned about _______ by reading a book.
47. Fill in the blank: On rainy days, I love to read _______.
48. Fill in the blank: Books reveal _______.
49. If you could have dinner with a character from a book, who would you eat dinner with?
50. Fill in the blank: _______ is the greatest literary character of all time.

51. Fill in the blank: The best heroines are _______.
52. Who is your favorite poet?
53. Fill in the blank: Books with illustrations are _______.
54. Fill in the blank: I have always wanted to write a book about _______.
55. Fill in the blank: The best part of a book is its _______.
56. What is the name of your favorite poem?
57. Books, magazines or the news?
58. What do you prefer? Reading or writing books?
59. What do you think of book clubs?

60. Do you read one book at a time or several at once?
61. Do you have any “bad” reading habits?
62. Do you ever dog ear books?
63. Do you ever write in your books?
64. Do you read a book’s reviews before purchasing it?
65. After reading a book, do you keep it or give it away?
66. What are you reading right now?
67. What’s your least favorite book genre?
68. Fill in the blank: My favorite book trilogy is _______.
69. Fill in the blank: I can't wait for the book _______ to come out.
70. Fill in the blank: I hope the book _______ is adapted into a movie.

71. Fill in the blank: I read books because _______.
72. As an adult, do you still read children's books?
73. Do books reveal character?
74. Do fiction books reveal "truth?"
75. What makes a book "great?"
76. Do books change lives?
77. Fill in the blank: Books are not _______.
78. Have you ever given someone a book as a present?
79. Fill in the blank: The best antagonists are _______.
80. What is your favorite book series?

81. Fill in the blank: A library is _______.
82. Fill in the blank: If I could jump into the pages of one book and visit there for a day, I'd visit _______.
83. Fill in the blank: Books inspire _______.
84. Kindle or Nook?
85. Fill in the blank: I have never read _______.
86. I always take the time to read _______.
87. Fill in the blank: I hope everyone reads _______.
88. Name one book where the villain is more interesting than the hero.
89. Fill in the blank: If I could write a book, the last sentence would be _______.
90. Fill in the blank: The saddest book I've ever read was called_______.

91. Fill in the blank: The best books _______.
92. Fill in the blank: Sometimes books can _______.
93. Fill in the blank: Books are like friends because _______.
94. Fill in the blank: A book never _______.
95. Fill in the blank: My favorite book genre is_______.
96. Memoirs or novels?
97. Fill in the blank: The most important sentence of a book is _______.
98. Fill in the blank: I wish there was a book about _______.
99. Fill in the blank: I hope to someday read about _______.
100. Fill in the blank: I read _______ everyday.

101. Fill in the blank: The book _______changed my life.

Note: If you’re planning on asking all 101 questions in consecutive days, I’d recommend scheduling them in advance.  Facebook's scheduling application and Tweetdeck (by Twitter) are two easy tools.

Of course you don't have to use them all.  Just pick and choose your favorites.

Please let me know how these questions worked for you. I'd love to hear about your experience.

You can reach me here on Blogspot, Google+ or Facebook.

Please join me next Monday as we explore The Power of Writing Prompts.

Till then!
Good luck & happy writing!

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