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  • Perils of the day job (how to cope when you’d rather be anywhere else)
Perils of the day job (how to cope when you’d rather be anywhere else)
Written by
Glo Gray
April 2014
Written by
Glo Gray
April 2014

I grew up being told that you went to school, then to university, then you got a career and climbed the ladder for the rest of your life.

So imagine my shock when I discovered that I didn’t want to do it that way.

You see, I get bored very easily. Doing the same thing, day in day out, does not suit me. I have worked many “normal” jobs, doing administration, classroom support etc, and they have all driven me mad with boredom.

For years I beat myself up, wishing I could be like the other people, who seemed content with their lot. Those nice folks getting up, going to work, working, coming home, and rinse repeat, with the payoff behing holidays, a mortgage, a car, nice clothes.

What was the problem? Was I just flighty/shirking responsbility/unable to grow up? Maybe, in some ways, but the problems were actually thus:

- I hate being told what to do; because I want to make my own decisions
- I hate having a boss; because I feel able to be my own boss
- I hate doing the same job; because I am creative and seek new experiences
- I hate predictabilty in work; because I don’t want to know what my life will be from now until death

A bit overdramatic, but there you have it. Unfortunately, the reality is, people need money to live, and doing the things I want do to, does not always provide adequate funds. It sure as heck doesn’t provide regular reliable funds!

I know what I need, and that is to have several streams of income, most of which involve me being my own boss. Easier said than done!

What can you do in this situation? Here are some of my compromises:

- Work part time: have more time for your own projects but have less money

- Work on projects in your spare time; helps you feel you are moving forward with your plans, but is difficult to fit around the day job

- Work temp jobs: Increased variety and job changes, less soul destroying “is this my life” despair, but less financial stability.

- Talk with other people in the same situation!

This last one is so important. It can be very isolating, sitting at your little desk in your office, surrounded by perfectly nice people who are perfectly happy to be there. And all you want is to be doing anything else (and making money of it).

So go forth, find others who are looking for a different way in life! Share your woe, share your solutions!

I have a book coming out later this year about doing it differently and not following the usual path in life: “Improper Adults”. I would love to hear your own experiences of trying to do it differently, difficulty, the reactions of others, pressures you face etc. Message me or comment with yours!

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