Yulia Tymoshenko, Vitali Klitschko Ukraine

I have the South African election day, May 7th, onmy calendar. I have May 25th marked on my calendar for the Ukraine elections.

I'm thinking that the boxer Vitali Klitschko and the chocolate billionaire Petro Poroshenko would be better served in a career line that involved international service. I know South africa for instance needs sports leagues for young people, and I know as a woman that when I exercise and feel physically fit, I have much higher self-esteem. If Mr. Klitschko took his prowess as a boxer to South Africa and started inexpensive workout centers for women on some days and fellows on other days, maybe he would find himself feeling joyful and fulfilled as never before. There is starvation in that country, as there is at least food scarcity in the United States. In his workout centers, Mr. Klitschko could teach boxing but also have in the back room, small vats of dahl and rice and vegetables available for his students and friends to eat. When people have enough to eat, they are calmer and much more creative and likely to succeed.

Kids both boys and girls, could stop in for a free meal and some gradually get into the exercise ring. Maybe a lady could teach palates for his students.


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