Struggling to Find My Niche

These past few days have put my mind in a muddle.  I am trying to focus on my writing--especially the novel that I have started by challenging myself to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo.  Though I have wanted to participate for many years and have made some half-hearted attempts, I have not followed through as I know I should.  The first few days of writing went very well, and I was in awe that I could churn out my ideas.  Then, I froze.  Doubt set in and I really wondered if I was going to be able to complete this.  I found many, many distractions to keep me away from my writing, which now means that I am behind in my word count goal.  I know that I could close the gap, and I fully intend to.  I wonder why the distractions continue to find their way into my brain. 

What kind of writing do I want to do?  Right now, that is what I keep thinking about.  I love to read fiction and I love to create and tell stories.  Yet, I wonder if that is the right fit for me.  My heart is in helping others and fiction does not seem to fit that thinking--at least as I see it right now.  I need to search my soul a little more to determine where my writing niche is and while I do that, I will try to just keep writing...

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