About the Art Wrestler
Written by
Samantha Palmeri
April 2014
Written by
Samantha Palmeri
April 2014

Welcome to my blog the Art Wrestler

First and foremost I am a fine artist. 

I love the smell of Nag Champa and coffee in the morning, oil paint in the studio, which is never big enough, and fresh soil from the garden, which I can never keep up with. I'm a native New Yorker and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. I am also a mother. My dedication to my art and my family dictates mostly everything I do, and the Art Wrestler is a reflection of all aspects of it; the juggling balancing act of living for your art along with the art of living. 

I have been involved in almost every aspect of the art world except actually making a living from it; I've been a teacher on and off for the past 16 years, an owner and director of two art galleries in New York and New Jersey, and a founder of a collaborative performing arts group, The Intersection. I've shown my work in galleries and museums including The Noyes Museum of Art in New Jersey and The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in Staten Island, NY where I'm originally from. I'm a recent recipient of an Individual Fellowship grant from the NJ Council on the Arts. I've also had a slew of odd jobs throughout the years like Curator, Art handler, Grant writer, Gallery assistant, etc., but my priority always goes back to the actual making of work.

Currently I live in Manahawkin New Jersey, a town in the middle of nowhere and not known for one thing except that it is located on the mainland of a beautiful barrier island, Long Beach Island. After ten years of complaining about where we live, my husband and daughter and I are finally on our way to greener pastures- although we haven't quite gotten there yet. (We're still contemplating whether we belong in Brooklyn or Beacon.)

You'll find a host of different topics here at the Art Wrestler, but they all revolve around art in some way. I tend to get distracted depending on the season; In the winter I spend much more time in the art studio, reading and writing. In the summer I'm outdoors much more, traveling and working in the garden, and in the fall I tend to cook bigger meals and host more dinner parties. Mostly, I try to consistently post whatever I've been working on in the studio. 

A reader once commented that my blog seemed fragmented and that I should try to focus more on only topics related to the working artist. I told him I am a working artist. I'd like to know what artist (with a family) who doesn't spend time washing dishes and wiping their kid's butts like the rest of us. It's called the Art Wrestler for a reason. It's a blog about art and life. I'm a hand worker, not a machine!

Thanks so much for taking a closer look. Hope you come back often!



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