My Reading Goals for 2014
Written by
Lyn Jensen
March 2014
Written by
Lyn Jensen
March 2014

30 Seconds:  A Guide to Organizing Your Geneaology Files by Robert R. Langman and/or other books about how to file, store and access family history research records


The Rhino Records Story:  Revenge of the Music Nerds by Harold Bronson

Books about the Ramones: The Ramones:  An American Band, Johnny’s autobiography Commando, Dee Dee’s autobiography Lobotomy, and Poisoned Heart by Vera Ramone King

I Left My Marbles in San Francisco by Cindy Sheehan

Alice Munro’s short stories, Carried Away is supposed to be her “best of” collection

Killer Angels by Michael Shaara (and watch the Gettysburg movie)

The Baby Boom by P. J. O’Rourke

One or more Toni Morrison novels

Erotique, Vol. 6, compilation of adult short stories

Darkness at Noon by Harold Krents

Books about the Kinks: X-Ray and Americana

All five volumes of the Only the Ring Finger Knows series

High Fidelity, a novel (and movie) based on my old hangout Rhino Records

 Manga reading:  Junjo Romantica, Black Butler

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