Hey! Desalinate all you want, but get outta myway!
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2014
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2014

Bibi Netanyahu and Jerry Brown were talking about solving water problems, but I was lat for my workout!

It was 10:15, and I was driving to my workout, late, as usual, when my phone rang.

“There’s something going on at the Computer History Museum,” my personal trainer said over the Bluetooth connection in my car. “Some thing to do with Israel. They blocked off the street, so you have to park at the movie theater..”

I thanked her and took the route that led to the Century 16 instead of 101. Pear avenue at 10:30 was blocked off and a Mt. View policewoman was waving people on. One man, medium height, medium  build, grey suit, curly salt and pepper hair, very nice face, got through to the museum, just by saying he was going to the event.


When I finished my workout  45 minutes later, the police were no longer blocking the street, but an impressive 14 fourteen CHP motorcycles were lined up on the streeet, 4 on one side, 10 on the other. I asked a couple of patrolman; “Who is in there? The President?” and they did not answer me. “Someone important” is all I got.

At the corner of Pear and Shoreline, near the movie theaters, I noticed a small knot of people carrying black signs that had “Women in Black” on one side and had various slogans on the other, among them “Jews Against Occupation.” Aha, I said to myself, concluding that it must be Netanyahu in the museum. Only Jews would gather to protest one of their own. I pondered this for a few minutes, looking to see if I know any of the protestors, two of which were wearing black T-shirts that said “end”


Then another group of protestors walked up to the corner, but crossed the street to avoid the women in black. Thinking I recognized one, I suppressed the urge to cross the street to get a better look. All I would do with such information is gossip about it, not a good use of my time.

So I got into my car and drove away.


Turns out it wasn’t just Netanyahu, the police were protecting, it was Netanyahu AND Jerry Brown, the governor of California.




So, a prime minister AND a governor!

Who got more motorcycles?


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