My stories are boring...
Written by
Lone Morch
March 2014
Written by
Lone Morch
March 2014

Where Transition Stops, Creation Begins. 

I’ll never forget the moment my mentor Ariel Spilsbury stood before me in a long purple velvet rope. Her legs were slightly apart, her hands grasping the ornate handle of a kickass sword. Her long white hair seemed fairy like, had it not been damp and wild from the heat coming through her.

She was the initiator, I the initiatee. We were deep into an intense mystical training and everything was turning psychedelic.

In a loud stern voice she said: I’m bored with your useless little stories and excuses. You are more than your stories. You are a mythical being. You are here to do the sacred work of the feminine. Do you accept this job?

Outside a raven by the window, then thunder broke the silence.

Yes, I said, my voice meager. She squinted, disdain in her eyes. YES! I accept. (Damn it!)

Today there’s no initiating sword on top of my head, no thunder storms brewing outside. But I’m inside a deja vu: I feel utterly bored with my stories.

Initiation awaits. Creation calls. About the signs that shift is around the corner. 

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