Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Facebook...
Written by
Mercedes Keyes
February 2014
Written by
Mercedes Keyes
February 2014

The Good - We all know the advantages and the good things about Facebook. I mean it's an excellent form of networking and getting the word around about your hard efforts - whatever they may be.
For me, my efforts surrounds my writing. My next novel and informing those that read my works what's happening and how much longer it will be. Sooo, as most have done - I've set up my profiles there and yes, I do spend quite a bit of time there. I've tried a couple of times to taper off and hey, just down right quite dropping in there. BUT - it's set up to pull you in. Thing is, years ago, I'm talking like about 6 or so years ago, it was the LAST PLACE you would find me. I set it up, left it, and never looked back. And then more and more advice was - get your facebook working for you. So, yeah - the good of it made finding me easier for my readers, made networking work ie; groups, book clubs and the such. However, that's not all there is to it. 

The Bad - As my time there has shown me, what's bad about it is, Facebook has been the device for many broken hearts and wrecked homes. The trauma of what it has caused in oh so many marriages, to men and to women is simply soul destroying. Yes, it's true, that sometimes the persons committing these acts had problems within themselves long before facebook came along, however - it made it all so much easier to take place. Friending various ones, getting to know strangers. Impressing them, people, men or women with words, wittiness and humor that would have never gone out to them had the stage not been set. All of a sudden, people with low self-esteem and inner issues, have an audience and ears and eyes that are looking for someone to fill their needs as well. Problem, both are married, or one is married - and now... what takes place is what is sooo very BAD about facebook. Husband's betray their wives, and there are wives that betray their husbands and they never had to leave the house. 


The Ugly - Then there is the ugly of facebook. Being exposed and subjected to other peoples ideas, whims, moods, and sayings. It's all fine when you see and view things you agree with - BUT - what about the things that offend you? Disturb you? Even at times, hurt you. Yes, see - facebook can be the device of things that takes a personal domestice matter, public! All your home business is suddenly there for all to read because some people have no dignity, no self-straint nor the decency to keep private matters private and off of facebook. BUT because they NEED an audience to champion their argument of behavior... on Facebook you find ignorance and stupidity.

Some love to be excited by obscene things as flashes of nudity and extreme animations that in truth, some of us DO NOT want to see or be subjected to. Thus, the reason for my blog. Two days ago I was subjected to a gif - animation that was extreme - sexually explicit to do with a horse and a donkey and it really angered me! I'm a grown woman, I know about sex - I know about life, I know about this world that we live in. I DO NOT wish to start scrolling down facebook newsfeeds and suddenly see ALREADY in PLAY a video bite of a stallion raping a donkey. It really ticked me off because I don't need, nor want such images in my head. Not only that, it was obvious ABUSE - because the donkey was tied up and held in place while those videoing it all, enjoyed having the stallion do what ANIMALS do.

Animals? Hmmm - as time goes by, the definition of that is being blended and blurred. Ask me, the animals were the ones holding the ropes and video camera.

Now, I've come to a conclusion that it's time to really leave Facebook alone. It's going to take some effort to make it happen and to make it stick, but I have no choice. Just as I would not choose to associate with certain people in my "Reallife" world, I need to take the same control online about those I associate with online. Facebook is a mighty net with all kinds, and you truly don't know who you are friending, until you find what I faced on my newsfeed. Nope... done!

The Plan - Good thing, because of my phone, I can post updates and status comments about what's happening with my works and writing on my page - and reply to those commenting on my status - using my phone without going to facebook or seeing the newsfeed! YES! That's the plan. How will I fill my time that I once spent scrolling there?

Why, I'll get more writing done and spend my quality time HERE - at SheWrites... because - well, my writing is what it's all about anyone. 

Mercedes Keyes

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