A Book Cover Designer Makes the Literary Visual

A Book Cover Designer Who Makes The Literary Visual

I recently changed the cover for The Answer to Your Question.  I’m very proud of it!  I had come to understand that some people were put off by the realistic snake on the original cover, and enough people had advised me to change the cover that I finally undertook it, though with a certain amount of trepidation.  Finding a cover designer who can create a visual image that captures something essential about the book (that the writer actually likes) is a challenge, to say the least!

I found Bob Schmitt of Laughing Waters Studio close to home; he also lives in Minneapolis. For years I’ve admired the covers he has designed for The Key West Literary Seminar, which are always eye-catching, creative, and evocative of a given year’s theme.  Bob has owned a graphic design business for twenty-five years.  He’s also paints,teaches, and sells his Chinese landscape paintings and art.  He often uses his brushwork in his graphic designs, as you will see with the new cover for Answer. 

Making the Literary Visual

Making the Literary Visual

Case study:

making an author’s work visual
a graphic solution from Laughing Waters Studio.

create a book cover that conveys the mystery of the story

design must be adaptable for use on printed book,
e-book format, and retain graphic strength when reduced to an Amazon thumbnail.

when is a snake not a snake?
a question mark not a question mark?
what is positive?
what is negative?

a novel solution


whatever words you are trying to sell,

whatever message you need to send,
you need to be seen before you will be heard.

give me a call and let’s make it visual.

Bob Schmitt
chief visualization officer



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