A Poem for Novelists


A poem dedicated to novelists everywhere

Another ordinary day—

The sun will rise across the fields.

The cold will parse the light,

on par for February.

My son will forget to zip or button

And I’ll remind him, adding:

‘Put on a hat,’

like my father always said to me

when it was cold or hot.

I’ll hear my father’s gruff

and it will make me happy in a way

that when he was alive it never did.

The teapot will shrill and

I’ll hurry it off the stove top,

hushing the boiling water.

I’ll press my mug,

with specks of tea

and milk and honey to my cheek,

wondering what to make

for supper, and how I should

get to work today writing—

I don’t know what.

I’ll spot black birds

pecking at the ice-patched fields,

the school bus ruffling around

the bend, and my son loping

down the hill to the bus stop, and

it will be an ordinary day except

for the rush

that every novelist should feel

at least once in their lives:

today my book will be published.

-- Caroline Bock 2.11.14,

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