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I'm A No-Balance Blogger
Written by
Bonnie Frank
December 2017
Written by
Bonnie Frank
December 2017

I recently read a blog post by Amy Lynn Andrews entitled, "Do I Have Blogging Balance?"  Intrigued by the title (and feeling that I already knew my answer to that question) I read the post.  Amy created a list of 20 questions to ask yourself in determining whether or not you are maintaining "balance" when it comes to blogging...and life.  I read through her questions, made some revisions, and came up with a list of 9 questions.  As you answer these questions, you may want to tally your "yes" and "no" answers as they pertain to you and your blogging.  If you have more tallies in the "no" column, you've got balance.  If your "yes" answers reign, you may want to make some adjustments in terms of how, when and where you blog/spend time online.

Here are the questions: 

  1. Are you protective of the computer and resist letting anyone else use it--even when you're not?
  2. Do your family members make comments about how much time you spend onthe computer?
  3. Do you refrain from doing other things you enjoy because of your time online?
  4. Have you gained weight or gotten out of shape?   
  5. Do you use the computer as an escape?  
  6. Do you think about what’s happening online when you're not?
  7. Do you get frustrated when someone interrupts your blogging?   
  8. Are you neglecting your children or husband?
  9. Do you begin and end your day thinking about blogging, social media or other online activities?

I will admit that I have more "yes" answers for these questions, but I know that I have no "blog balance."  As with every other thing I have loved doing, I happily and excitedly jumped into blogging and have gone "full steam ahead" each day. With a smile on my face, and a cup of coffee nearby, I have begun each day looking forward to working on my blog.  Maybe I would write a post, maybe I would do some research, or maybe I would work on social media.  Regardless of the day's tasks, I would enjoy what I was doing.  Why else would I do it?    


* This post was originally published in February 2014.

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  • Lori A. May

    Good questions! I ask myself similar questions not specifically about blogging, but with overall 'computer time,' which includes writing. Of course writing is my priority, but I also need to check in with myself from time to time that I leave my desk, stretch, get some fresh air, and see real live people, too. It's definitely about finding a balance! Nice post, Bonnie.

  • Buffy Griffin

    Awesome insight!