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  • New Book Highlights the King of Armenian Love Songs, PAUL BAGHDADLIAN’S UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY
New Book Highlights the King of Armenian Love Songs, PAUL BAGHDADLIAN’S UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY
Written by
Eileen Keledjian
January 2014
Written by
Eileen Keledjian
January 2014

A presentation of a new novel by Eileen Keledjian entitled "Armenian Affairs" exposes a variety of social and cultural events rarely seen in today’s literary and entertainment world.

“Armenian Affairs, Paul Baghdadlian, and his Eileen,” chronicles the rollercoaster ride of joy and torment the two star-crossed lovers experience as they navigate their lives and careers.

Hollywood, California – January 13, 2014In Armenian Affairs, Eileen has captured the details of her love stories. The author invites everyone into her family circle, offering a fascinating glimpse of the Armenian culture and a memoir to convey her intimate love affair with her adored King of Armenian love songs, the legendary icon, Paul Baghdadlian. Through her work, you will discover her wisdom and charm as they come to life on each page of this breathtaking story which is a fiction based largely on real events.

Eileen is a beautiful Armenian girl who at the age of eighteen emigrates from Egypt to Hollywood, California and encounters the King of Armenian love songs, Paul Baghdadlian. It is love at first sight. They fall madly in love, but their unconditional love story is short lived when unexpectedly Paul Baghdadlian’s family orchestrates an arranged marriage for him. Heartbroken, Paul Baghdadlian attempts to reunite with Eileen, to no avail. Years later, when Eileen joyfully locates Paul Baghdadlian once again, they both realize their passionate love has not subsided and decide to resume their flammable love story -- but yet again, their dream ends tragically.

 “Armenian Affairs” is an unforgettable book for the world to read. The author has filled the story with love, while providing a close look at some very difficult and personal events in her life, yet delighting in those stories which build a life. A story filled with such great love is a powerful book telling an important tale in a very interesting way. This is one of those rare books that draws you in and is almost impossible to put down because you get drawn into the life of this highly touching story.

The net proceeds from the sale of the books will be used to produce the film: “Armenian Affairs.”
The book can be ordered through Createspace, Amazon.com and is also available on Kindle.
http://www.amazon.com/Armenian-Affairs-Baghdadlians-Unauthorized-Biography/dp/0615879950. In the near future, the book will also be available for sale in the Glendale, California, area at Berj Armenian Bookstore, Abril Armenian Book Store, Parseghian Photo & Records, Artisia and armenianaffairsfilm.com.

About the Author - Born in Alexandria, Egypt, of Armenian parents, Eileen Keledjian is a professional executive assistant and an artist. In addition to writing “Armenian Affairs” inspired by her own personal experiences and Paul Baghdadlian’s life story, she is also a producer, actor, singer, and dancer.

Email: Armenian(dot)Affairs(at)gmail(dot)com

https://www.facebook.com/Eileen Keledjian



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