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Making Money & Visibility—What We Want You to Learn at our January 30 Self-Publishing at the Edge Event
Written by
Brooke Warner
January 2014
Written by
Brooke Warner
January 2014

On January 30, She Writes Press is co-sponsoring a daylong online event, Self-Publishing at the Edge, with Let’s Write Books, Inc. We’re always looking for ways to bring this writing community education and opportunities, and we hope this event showcases that spirit. I wanted to do a post today to tell you a little bit about this event, and why we chose the topics we’re presenting.

Publishing, as everyone knows, has been going through a massive upheaval for the past five to six years (at least). Whereas self-publishing used to be a back-up option at best, now many writers are choosing it as a first choice—for reasons ranging from desire to retain more control and profit, to a general sense that traditional publishing is no longer looking out for the best interest of its authors or its readership.

And while self-publishing does bring amazing opportunities, it also brings a lot of chaos, and there’s a huge learning curve. It used to be that writers were publishing such god-awful self-published books that it was obvious which books were self-published and which weren’t. Today, savvier writers are doing everything right—publishing beautiful, well-written books, spending the time to do it right and the money to get a good team.

Now I find self-published authors asking themselves about exposure, visibility, distribution, sales channels, and creative ways to profit from their books. These are the questions that come from well-educated authors who know they have a good product, and understand that that alone is not enough.

With this in mind, Self-Publishing at the Edge addresses how to make money off of your book. We have three sessions focused principally on this topic, in fact: how to turn your book into an audiobook with Let’s Write Books founder Howard VanEs; how to sell large quantities of books to non-traditional book markets with Brian Jud, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to thinking about how to sell your books outside of bookstores and online retailers; and how to create multiple revenue streams from any book with John C. Robinson, king of creating dozens of products (and therefore streams of income) from a single book.

The rest of the day is dedicated to your visibility. I will be covering publishing platforms, which is about making the right choice for your book, yes, but also about considering when you might want to mix and match those platforms to serve your author platform, increase your visibility, and make a little moola. Dan Blank, founder of WeGrowMedia, is doing a session on connecting readers to your voice to build a real fanbase, and best-selling author and book marketing whiz Joanna Penn is presenting on the importance of thinking like an entrepreneur when it comes to marketing your book.

Finally, we have a best-selling author panel with authors Jane Graves, Theresa Ragan, and Jana DeLeon. In the brainstorming session I had with these rockstar women to prep for the event I was stunned by some of what they were telling me—stories of being able to leave their jobs to write full-time; making such good money on their self-published books that they ditched traditional publishing altogether. These are women who’ve made it happen—and nothing is off-limits in this conversation. And believe me, I intend to ask the questions everyone wants the answers to—about audience, success, money, making the leap, traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, and much more.

I invite those of you who haven’t yet registered to do so HERE. You can also submit questions you want the answers to here in the comments section, send them to me in advance, and/or just ask on the webinars.

The sessions will be back-to-back webinars accessed through GoToWebinar. They’re all going to be recorded, but we’re not selling them after the event. As long as you’re registered, you’ll get access to the recordings to listen to at your leisure.

The best part of all of this is that the event is $19.95. The price is not going up. We wanted to provide all of this for what you might pay for a book.

She Writes Press (and She Writes, by extension) hopes to continue to bring you exciting publishing programs as we evolve and grow. We also are looking to you, our community, to let us know what resonates and what you want more of.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity. We’ll see you on January 30--or you can download all the recordings and listen at your own pace.

This is just one of many ways to kick off 2014 with fresh ideas and more momentum!

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    Really happy to hear that, Sheila. I'll see you there! Virtually. :)

  • Sheila K. Collins

    This is great Brooke. When I first saw it I thought I had missed the deadline and was very disappointed. But it was just my confusion about dates since I've been on the road for a week. I registered and am looking forward to all this good advice.