[Making the Leap] A Blank Canvas Ahead
Written by
Julie Luek
December 2013
Written by
Julie Luek
December 2013

It's Christmas morning, and per tradition, I'm up early-- very early-- to get cinnamon rolls started. I'd complain, but I think I'm the one who started this annual baking extravaganza over two decades ago. I don't make homemade cinnamon rolls often, so when I do, it's a treat. My son, now 23, asked me several times yesterday about the much-anticipated rolls. Yes, yes, I'll get up and make them.

I asked my family what time they'd like me to have them baked and ready. "Seven," my husband piped up.

My daughter, 18, and a senior in high school groaned. "Eight," she said firmly. 

"I'll have them ready by eight. Let her sleep in a bit," I told my husband. She'd been up early both of her vacation days so far to be at her job at a local sports shop. Let her have her extra hour's sleep, even if it means Santa has to wait a bit. 

It's a little difficult to get up early and immediate focus on a recipe. Even as I type this, I wonder if I remembered to add the sugar to the dough. But it's a tradition I enjoy-- a treat. We have other holiday traditions; some have changed as my kids have grown and no longer believe in Santa and as their "toys" have become increasingly expensive. Others I cling to tenaciously, the ones that have meaning and remind me of the reason we celebrate the holiday-- faith, family,thankfulness. 

As I approach the new year, I eagerly anticipate breaking out a new calendar. I realize it's "just another day", but to me it represents a blank canvas, 365 days of pure potential and hope. What will this year bring? What are my goals? I have decided to break a few personal traditions-- habits, really-- that are no longer serving me and where I want to go. My cinnamon roll loving son battled cancer this year (and won!) and I'm ready to move on and look beyond chemo and radiation treatments. I'm so very ready to start fresh. 

The theme of my biweekly posts, Making the Leap, is taking on a fresh meaning for me. I'm contemplating on this idea as 2013 winds up and hopefully will have more to say about it in my very first 2014 post. 

The canvas is blank, my writing friends, break out your paints and crayons, let's get ready to fill it with abandon. What colors and designs will you choose? 

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  • Julie Luek

    Karen, I like the idea of a design for the new year. Very creative. 

  • Karen A Szklany Writing

    Very inspiring post, Julie. Breaking out a calendar for the new  year is exciting....looking forward to the potential in the new year is, too. I keep a journal of reflections.

    My design for my new year would be full of earth and sea colors....reflecting rainbows at every turn.

  • Julie Luek

    Hi Jenny-- I saw your invite on Facebook to like your page. I shall! I love anything that inspires me to be more courageous and that quote you cited does just that. Thanks for sharing it. I may have to borrow it too!