the god conversation

man with gray beard: “I believe in God.”

woman with red hat: “Really? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I mean, God?”

man with gray beard: “Well, you know, life is so fucked up. Nothing makes sense. There’s no justice. Life is so unfair.”

woman with red hat: “Yeah, exactly. So how the hell do you believe in God? I mean, God doesn’t make sense.”

man with gray beard: “I know! I know! The existence of God makes no sense at all. But, if there is a God, then everything else makes sense. I mean, if there’s a God, at least one huge question is answered.”

woman with red hat: “Huh? What the fuck are you talking about? What huge question is answered by the existence of God?”

man with gray beard: “You know - ‘why’?”

woman with red hat: “What?”

man with gray beard: “No. ‘Why’. ‘Why’ can be answered by ‘God has a reason for everything’.”

woman with red hat: “YOU make no sense!”

man with gray beard: “Well, I’d rather believe in a God that makes no sense and then have everything else make sense because of God than have nothing make sense at all.”

woman with red hat: “Makes sense…”

man with gray beard: “I don’t know. Maybe.”

woman with red hat: “I’m starving. Want to go to Olive Garden?”

man with gray beard: “Sure. Let me give Jack a call and see if he wants to come along.”


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