How do you prefer to write? Pen to paper or software?
Written by
Julie Basil Pierce
December 2013
Written by
Julie Basil Pierce
December 2013

It wasn't until my computer crashed and I was without it for 2 weeks that I discovered my best writing comes when I sit quietly with pencil and lined paper. Old school. A friend observed that we tend to stop the creative flow when we type into the computer, ever-anxious to edit. Gotta make it perfect. I find that's true--I rarely stop and read what I've written on paper but edit as soon as I start transferring it into my laptop. 

Recently however I bought and started using Celtx to manage my first screenplay project and found there's a novel template also. I'm going to upload my novel from basic Open Office into Celtx and see if I like it.

I'm curious to know what SheWriters use--paper or software? And if the latter, recommendations or helpful hints?

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  • I do my Morning Pages and daily journal with pen.  I keep a composition book with me always for jotting down story ideas and outlines but once I actually start writing a story or blog post, I fire up Bella, my constant companion and confidante.  I don't find the computer takes away from my creativity.  Also... when something really good pops in my head and the words are rushing through my brain like the 5:15 express, I need my laptop.  I can't write with a pen or pencil fast enough to keep up with the thoughts.

    Well, I can write fast... but no one can read it!  :)

  • D,G. Kaye

    My writing flows from my head through the pen, no matter if it's writing my books or blogs. I don't find I have the same creativity in front of a computer. When I enter my drafts in the computer is when my first edits are done.

  • Rosalind Minett

    I used to scribble everything down, but that was a long time ago. Now the words seem to be at the end of my fingertips as I sit at the computer, usually for hours

  • Julie Basil Pierce

    Thanks Kate!

  • Kate Powell

    I started writing for myself after reading one of Natalie Goldberg's first writing books (her first two are best: ).  I made the commitment to write for 15-30 minutes every day and loved it so much I have never stopped.  I had been a teacher of creative arts (architecture and drawing) and her ideas of ridding us of the critic and engaging creative sides appealed to all I knew to be true about creativity.

    I tend to start my writing days out with pen in my journal.  Then I move to MAC and I find it best to write in a loose  format like Pages then later I can format.