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  • Six Reasons Why EBooks May Supersede Physical Books
Six Reasons Why EBooks May Supersede Physical Books
Written by
Alla Gibert
November 2013
Written by
Alla Gibert
November 2013

Technology has revolutionized several activities of our day-to-day lives, and book reading is no exception to this. Modern digital technology has influenced the techniques of creating, writing, promoting, and reading a book for the convenience of the readers. As a result, various EBooks are experiencing a great demand today. Now you can easily browse a vast variety of electronic books on the web and get one to read with the help of a laptop, tablet, or Smart phone. Before getting an electronic version of a book, it is best to have an understanding of the benefits that an EBook has over a physical volume. This will help you to determine your own requirements and make a wise choice for either an Ebook or a physical book. Following are some advantages of reading EBooks that will help you to understand how EBooks have superseded standard books.

  1. Ease of reading when travelling: If you need to travel quite often, you will definitely find it difficult to carry dozens of physical books that you want to read. It then becomes even more difficult to carry home any additional volumes on your return journey. In such circumstances, it is beneficial to have electronic versions of the books. EBooks enable you to carry an entire library with you wherever you need to travel. Also, you can still easily switch to a physical book if you require that. In this way, electronic books make your journey easier and  more comfortable.

  2. No need of ample storage space: Generally, a collection of physical books require ample space to store them. On the other hand, lots of EBooks can be stored in a palm-sized tablet or a small laptop. The storage aspect of these electronic volumes enables you to save a lot of storage space. This kind of storage facility eliminates the need for dusting, and for the mending of damaged books, which otherwise would be a necessity with physical books. You simply need to have a backup in a pen drive or a hard disk, if anything goes wrong with the functioning of your device.

  3. Availability at economical rates: Often, these EBooks cost you less in the long run since there is no printing cost associated with them. In fact, you can easily find various EBooks for free on the web. All you need to have is a tablet and an eReader program for accessing the EBooks, whereas you always need to make a considerable payment when purchasing the physical books. You will not need to spend on mending EBooks as you would on physical books.

  4. Quick accessibility: When you opt to purchase an EBook that is displayed online, you can get it instantly from the internet. On the other hand, if you order a physical book online, you will have to wait for a considerable time  before you get the book in your hand to enjoy reading it.

  5. Adjustment of the fonts of the text: When you experience eye strain while reading a physical book, you have no other choice than to stop reading it. But you have a good solution for this when you choose an EBook to read. When reading an EBook, you can instantly and easily adjust the font and the brightness level in order to reduce the strain on your eyes and make your reading more comfortable. By doing the necessary adjustments, you can continue reading the electronic version without stopping.

  6. A comfortable reading experience: It is impossible to read a physical book in the dark, whereas you can read an EBook in dark surroundings with the built-in light of the eReader program. These electronic volumes can be read wherever and whenever it is comfortable for you. This is why Ebook marketing is booming today.

These positive aspects of reading an EBook can show you how superior it is to reading a physical volume. Now you can make a wise decision while choosing between a physical book and an electronic version on your visit to a book fair.

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