Art in the Craft, Craft in the Art
Written by
Leanne Dyck
November 2013
Written by
Leanne Dyck
November 2013

Okay this may sound familiar to you, it's three in the morning but your bedside light is on and a pen is in your hand. 

That's where I was yesterday. And my muse didn't leave me, thank goodness, until the short story was written--around three in the afternoon. Yup, I spent the entire day with her--and it never gets old.

This week on my blog ( you may find something to make your muse dance.

Monday, November 3rd I take you to the beach

A Mayne Island (my home island) fibre artist asked me to play model/photographer. It took me way out of my comfort zone...but it was so much fun. Her creations are works of art and they may inspire you...

Thursday, November 7th I take you to the Vancouver International Writers Festival

I attended Up All Night were three thriller authors (from Norway, U.S.A, and Canada) spoke about their writing process and their genre. But the highlight for me was meeting... Ah, well, let's just keep that as a little surprise, shall we. : )

Friday, November 8th I welcome author Winslow Eliot to my blog

Let's be friends

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