New Poetry Art Book Publication
Written by
Gerda Govine
October 2013
Written by
Gerda Govine
October 2013

Second poetry art book Alterations | Thread Light Through Eye of Storm," will be published February 2014. The book is handmade  in English and Spanish.  Check out website:  I participated in three readings in October. Received a grant fom the Friends of the Altadena Public Library and Poets and Writers via the James Irvine Foundation to read at the library, October 17th.  Read with other Latina/Latino poets at LaPintoresca Library  on October 19 in Pasadena as part of the Latino/Jamaica Parade Event in Pasadena.  Under the auspices of The World Stage, I was invited by Conney Williams to participate with Peter Harris, Luivette Resto and Conney Williams during the first L.A. LitCrawl in North Hollywood on October 23, 2013,

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