Halloween Magic
Written by
Leanne Dyck
October 2013
Written by
Leanne Dyck
October 2013

It's a warm(ish), sun-filled day on the small island I call home. My husband is outside working on our waterfall. No, nothing horrific happened. It's a new (and rather cool) landscaping feature we just added to our front yard.

This picture doesn't do it justice. In fact, it just looks like a pile of rocks. But trust me it's really cool. And I'm told it's not finished yet.

Okay, so, while that's happening outside, inside I'm about to tell you what's going to be on my blog (http://sweatercursed.b.ogspot.ca) this week...

This is Halloween week and I'm celebrating

Monday (Oct 28) I'm sharing a free hand knitting pattern

Halloween Magic (a women's sweater). It's really cool...it's got...and then it has...but it's so easy to knit that...you just gottan...and the pattern is free.

Thursday (Oct 31) I'm raving about The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Actually, I had this really interesting (see I don't always write/say cool) idea. I jotted notes as I read. Kinda like a travel-log. But we're travelling through the book. Neat-o. Any who...

Friday (Nov 1) Please welcome YA author Jodie Esch to my blog.

She's brought two of her books plus her brand new one.

I hope you can make it. We'll have fun. You'll see...

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