Written by
Godrose S.Onajobi
October 2013
Written by
Godrose S.Onajobi
October 2013

I am pleased and happy to announce the release of my first ever eBook - PREGNANCY POEMS COLLECTION - #1 World's Largest Collection of Poems about Pregnancy, targeted at Sharing the Pregnancy Side of Womanhood through Poetry.

Guess What?  

This book is dedicated to Every Woman Worldwide, including You! Here is my Dedication for You.



Oh woman! You’re a ‘shero’ of all time. Our world owes its existence to your essence. May womanhood be ever honored for her labor of love!


Playing the role of womanhood

You're the star of a universal movie

The acting is pure from the heart

With soundtrack of baby laughter


The plot is simple and old as time

You, a woman, starring from creation

In spectacular scenes, frame by frame

Birthed the world, and preserve it


Oh, how wonderful you are, woman

During the first nine months of filming

Sometimes insecure in your peculiar role

But always a glowing wonderful star


Countless characters tell your story

In short memorable lines

Consisting of lovely laughter and cries

These are the essence of your drama


Sequel to your blooming womanhood

Is the magic of being a mother

Pregnancy transformed you, darling

Into a celebrated ‘super-shero’ of all time


With your female bravery and strength

For your child you will lift up the skies

Awake through many difficult nights

You keep the world warm for us all


Mother’s altruism is without limit

So touching and truly inspirational

Maternal dramas are the purest art

Fed with devotion from sincere love


For all your struggles and heroic acts

Poetry now paints your role in words

Eulogies and inspirations to extol you

For your strong dedication to purpose


 This pregnancy gift book is dedicated to every woman worldwide, especially those who are trying to conceive, pregnant and parenting.


Pregnancy is a magically unique experience for both the expecting mother and daddy-to be. It’s a special movie in a woman’s life – she is the most beautiful actress in the leading role. One of the most thoughtful ways to identify with anyone going through pregnancy experience is to give care, love and support. 


Whoever is on a pregnancy journey, this book provides over 170 premium pregnancy poems that will touch that expecting person’s heart.

You will find general poems about the pregnancy journey and inspirational poems about ovulation and getting pregnant, especially for women trying to conceive.

This book contains beautiful pregnancy announcement poems, pregnancy stages and development poems, interesting baby poems for mom and dad expecting a baby girl or boy, poems to inspire pregnant women, and poems about being pregnant, written by moms during their pregnancies.

You’ll also get new pregnancy poems, first-time mom and dad poems, teenage pregnancy poems, motivational pregnancy poems for single pregnant women, poems about multiple pregnancies, therapeutic poems to overcome grief, emotional difficulties and pregnancy complications, labor and delivery poems, and birth announcement poems.

In addition, this collection provides baby and parenting poems for new mom and dad, funny pregnancy poems that will make you laugh, and motivational pregnancy poems that give hope, comfort, encouragement and support. It includes occasional poems for expecting mom and dad appropriate for Baby Showers, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Easter Season, Christmas Day, New Year, Eid-il-Mawlid, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday.

To anyone expecting, poems make a unique gift that help her or him mirror courage, hope, motivation and inspiration from the experiences of others painted through poetry. The poems in this eBook are sure to soothe the soul, inspire and warm the heart of anyone about pregnancy.

This gift book is not only the most comprehensive but also the #1 World's Largest Collection of Poems about Pregnancy, contributed by over fifty seasoned poets from several countries, many of whom are not only contemporary poets but also moms, dads and grandparents.  It is a must-have for everyone, a must-read for every woman who is trying to conceive, pregnant or parenting, and a good read for any expecting daddy.

Well don’t take my words for it,  have a peep into the first 17 pages of this fantastic e-Book here, see things for yourself to form your opinion . . .

I invite you to explore the world of pregnancy in new perspectives, clear styles, subtle expressions and deep thoughts. And I strongly believe you will enjoy the beautiful, inspirational, comforting and heartwarming pregnancy poems in this collection. I currently offer it to my website visitors at a highly discounted price here.

Thank you for reading, your comments are most welcome.

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