Writing habits
Written by
Paidra Delayno
October 2013
Written by
Paidra Delayno
October 2013

In regards to how I write, first off, I never use an outline.  I much prefer not knowing where the story is going.  Then it becomes like watching a movie as the words appear on the computer screen.  Of course, in the back of my mind I already know where I want to land when the story is completed, but exactly how I get there is up for grabs. 

I do my best writing after dark.  I live out in the country and the world seems much quieter then.  I have a rather large music collection so am able to draw upon whatever music suits the mood I am in.  A good pair of headphones is also a must.

I live by myself so am able to "get into character" and actually act out certain things characters are doing without the worry of others thinking I've slipped over the edge.  Saving the "angry" parts of a story is helped along by waiting until I am actually feeling that emotion.  It gives me a much better frame of reference for what my character would be saying and feeling.

My most recent novel, PROFESSIONAL WOMAN, has many twists and turns along the path my main character, Racheal Stortini, takes to get from country housewife to professional assassin.  None of these were planned, which made the journey all the more fun for me as well as for the reader. 

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