Only in Amerika

Today was bike and walk to school day, or, as the agenda at my school read "International Bike and Walk to School Day". The accidental title engendered visions of little children in Bangladesh going to school on foot (or at all), in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, while discussing hot topics such as whether to have a tofu burger or sashimi for dinner.

Only in America do we pay for someone to personally train us to lift a heavy hunk of metal.  Here we are undernourished because we choose to eat cheap processed food and then we shell out  money to buy vitamins to make up for the difference. 

In America we have something called an obesity epidemic.  Here we can we get a free pizza if delivery takes more than thirty minutes but there’s no fixed time frame for an officer to respond to a call (let’s not even get to the question of which neighborhood it is in).

And of course… only in America do we pick a day in the year in which we should use our legs to walk or pedal. That momentous occasion is right now so get out there and supersize the day!

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