How Do You Wake Up?
Written by
suzi banks baum
October 2013
Written by
suzi banks baum
October 2013

Morning UP

What do you do first in the morning?

I have learned that to enter my day having listened in closely to
what my prayers, a poem, and sitting quietly have to offer me,
I am better suited to happiness and inspiration.

I open up and can sustain this state throughout the day,
even when I am in a place or time that challenges me.
I see cracks where light can enter and I go towards those

So. I am in at my Mother's former home.
Former as in she died on October 10, 2010 and the
home she lived in with my stepfather is now
sitting quietly, watching as my siblings and I
navigate the endings of our parent's lives.
(my stepfather is alive and well and a walking inspiration in wool)

How do I live in relationship to the place where
I grew up, without the grounding of my Mother here?
Where is home?
Does my love for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,
for the places I know, for the friends and family I have
here, constitute a deep connection?

This is what I am asking of my quiet time today.
And how I am living this week as I
rake leaves off my Mother's grave,
tending what she planted here.
And listening.

I would love to know a question of yours
and how you listen for the answers.

More from the UP as I live it.
With love,


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