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  • From Magazine Print To Device - Post Better Pictures With Actable 2.7
From Magazine Print To Device - Post Better Pictures With Actable 2.7

I Jumped! Into Writing...

New technology - Enhanced interactive print.

I like to follow the businesses where I used to work, just to see what they are up to....
Quad/Graphics is getting into the technology ring - moving forward with new apps to make your print experience something you can now share digitally with more clarity than before...

Check out our recent break-through developments with interactive print! We’ve worked to make interactive print more natural and engaging. New enhancements to the Actable app allow readers to launch an interactive experience on-page, then sit back and relax while the mobile experience continues seamlessly off the page.

   Actable Version 2.7 adds new features and functionality to a powerful app that makes printed pages come to life when viewed through Actable-enabled smartphones and tablets.  Check it out-

I just had to share this when I saw the video posted - Some things just keep getting better.

Keep reading - Keep writing!

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