Danielle LaPorte's Wishing Well
Written by
suzi banks baum
October 2013
Written by
suzi banks baum
October 2013

#doodles in the Powder Keg Sessions writing workshop today. XoS

Gratitude and Grace


Some days I read other people's work online and feel they have written it for me. (see Danielle's quote below)
Some days, I wonder if my yoga teacher has been reading my journal. (She asked us what we are waiting for. Why not live bigger now?)
Today, what is going on inside of me is reflected in my outside world as if they are all in on my private thoughts.

This is part of what I read in Danielle LaPorte's newsletter:

Wish someone well as if you were their personal angel dispensing inevitable fortunes on them.

Wish someone the very same happinesses, freedoms, and fulfillment that you’re wishing for yourself.

Cast your wishes like you have an unlimited supply of magic to bestow. There’s more where that came from.

#canangsari Good Monday Morning and Happy Birthday #Rumi! XoS

I have taken to making these small offerings of gratitude, if not daily, then every few days, that I put on the table where I write and work. I make them in the tradition of canang sari, an ancient practice popular in Thailand. With every piece of the offering, I lay in my prayers of gratitude for every speck of my life, including adversity, for from even this, I have learned much.

Gratitude, like grace, multiples when shared.

Wishing someone well can have a powerful affect on them, beyond a jolly "Good luck".
When you all leave me comments and notes, they ring around within me for days on end.
There is an unlimited supply of good within us.
We just have to access it.
Wishing someone well by becoming his or her personal angel assures your supply will never run dry.

I am so grateful for what I get to do every day.

Wake up next to my husband in this home, on this land, in this town, in this country, on this planet.
Greet my kids, or lately, our daughter, with love.
Take up my morning routine as the sun rises, touching trees as familiar to me as the face of my beloveds.
Write, make art, keep house, hang laundry, teach workshops, create events, assist brilliant friends, and lead with my
own brand of wonderment.

This weekend at the Powder Keg Sessions, I started a poem I have been working on since.
I posted it over on the poetry section of Laundry Line Divine.
Stop in there to see it.

And as you go about your day, become someone's personal angel.
Go ahead, change someone's day for the better.
xooxox S

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