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  • How books are Instrumental in Enhancing Children’s Imagination and Development
How books are Instrumental in Enhancing Children’s Imagination and Development
Written by
Alla Gibert
September 2013
Written by
Alla Gibert
September 2013

Books are our best companions, right from our childhood days. They are popular as basic resource of knowledge and development. Even in the modern world, which is dominated by digital entertainment, books have not lost their significance even a bit. You will find plenty of books in any play schools to make toddlers learn basic things. Various books are present in every home in efforts to encourage the children to pursue good hobby of reading.

Book reading requires minimal monetary investment however the returns on your investment are indeed excellent, particularly in comparison with digital entertainment such as video games, internet games and others. In the current digital world, planning for betterment of children by acquainting them with various good books has become the need of the hour as many children are getting addicted to video games and television shows. Teachers and parents must conspire for good of their kids.

Children can pursue hobby of reading books and derive excellent benefits from it only when the parents and teachers will encourage their children to read different books. You can achieve this aim by setting an ideal example of being a book lover yourself, sitting with your kids to read out books to them and further make them understand moral and gist of the book. This will help to inculcate interest in your kids for reading books. Here are some of the outstanding benefits that help you in working for betterment of your children.

  • Family bonding: Reading out storybooks to your kids and making them understand entire story with moral help you to groove attention of your kids. Children will like to hear more of such stories and, eventually, will like your company. Thus, books assist you to spend quality time with your kids and help you in family bonding.


  • Develop understanding ability in your kids: By reading various storybooks to your kids, your children can understand the purpose of the written word in relation to the spoken word. They will even learn proper pronunciation of every word that you read out to them. Moreover, they can use each mentioned word in their daily conversation.



  • Build good vocabulary: Your children can build good vocabulary while going through various books. Books are major resource of vocabulary is an inevitable fact. Children can learn one word for many or many words of similar meaning by reading ample of books.


  • Develop good listening and communication skills: Books help kids to develop good listening skills. If you regularly read out books to your kids, your children can grab every spoken word and known its meaning and can even properly link it to the context. In addition, after listening to your lecture for a considerable period of time, your kids can even use the spoken words in their routine speech. In this way, books help kids to enhance their communication skills.



  • Inculcates love for literature: Regular reading of books encourages kids to get their hands on new books and increases curiosity in kids to read and learn new things. Books contribute to inculcate a love for literature in your children. Easy availability of books coupled with your loving guidance greatly helps children to enhance their knowledge for their betterment.

The biggest benefit of making available various children’s books to your kids is introducing them to huge world of imagination and exploration. Through books you can acquaint them with personal skills to manage their daily activities in the best possible way.

Visiting a children’s book fair along with your kids would prove to be an enchanting experience for your children. Such events focus on book promotion, especially those books that are created for children. Your kids will find plenty of storybooks and picture books being showcased everywhere in such an event.

Similarly, you will find plenty of websites that displays children’s books for sale over the web. Several renowned authors tend to develop children’s books and display them on their sites for marketing books online. While you are purchasing a book for your kid online, you need to consider the age, personal interests and reading level of your child. If your child is 0-5 years old, you can go for books with colorful vision as they promote identification, incite vision and help improve connections to the real world. Picture books are the best for this age group. For 7 to 9 years old kid, storybooks with story chapters prove best for development. These books help your kids to understand the plot structure and enhance basic character development in them. Due to this they can tell a story in their own words.

Do not limit your kids’ reading ability to fiction books. Also, gift them non-fiction books as they prove to be a rich source of information and knowledge. You can provide your kids with fictional books related to science fiction, poetry, mix folktales, biographies, history and epics. This will enhance their ability of information absorption and greatly help them to tackle activities while living in a society in a better manner.

Thus, by gifting various different books to your kids, you can help your child to improve his imagination and develop various abilities to lead a better life with a bright future.

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