Fragile (2010 poem)
Written by
Sarah Doughty
September 2013
Written by
Sarah Doughty
September 2013

My sister 
Is a glass belle

Tiny glass hair strands
Hollow glass cheeks

Glass bones
Under a transparent
Glass shell
That is her skin

glass fingers
Caressing teeny
Glass pearls
Hanging on a thin 
Glass string
Around her thick
Glass throat

And when she is hugged
Too tight
There is a faint 
cracking sound to be heard

as her delicate 
glass ribs 
fight the impulse to snap
But they will not 
for she has a shield

A guardian who will always be there 
to pick up the broken shards 
and teach her to make due without them

but I cannot teach her how to live without a heart 
if it breaks 

remember this 
before you hurt her 
and she blames herself

before you pressure her
and she says she is at fault 
before you send glass drops 
of devastation 
spilling down her hollow cheeks

Remember I will be there 
to show the strength 
she doesn’t have

My sister 
may be made of glass
but she does not stand 
*The above poem was written in 2010 and with it, I placed 2nd in the Maine Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2010.

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