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  • 8 Reasons that compel you to self publish your upcoming book
8 Reasons that compel you to self publish your upcoming book
Written by
Alla Gibert
September 2013
Written by
Alla Gibert
September 2013

Have you spent months in researching, planning and writing your masterpiece and all set for publishing? Publishing and promotion of a newly developed book are very important factors from an author’s point of view. However, most of the writers find this task daunting as they find it difficult to grab the attention of a good publisher to convince them to publish their book. Rejections from several publishers can be very discouraging for the author.

In such circumstances, self publishing can prove a boon for authors to publish and market their book. There are several crucial reasons that compel the book authors to self publish their book and give it exposure to better increase sales. Some of these important reasons are mentioned below.

1. An unhampered path: Self publishing a book liberates you to carry out publishing and promotion of your newly developed book. You can freely contact concerned literary agents, editorial committees, manuscript-chopping editors and CEOs of publishing houses. You can even direct publishing of your creation all by yourself and gain an outstanding recognition for your work. No longer will you have to face a long waiting period or hear yet another rejection.

2. Earn positive results quickly: Generally, when you receive a contract from a conventional publishing house, a considerable period of time is spent before promotion of your book. In several cases, at least one year passes by before the book is marketed. However, this is not the case with self publishing. You yourself invest efforts on publishing your book and it can then hit the market within few weeks. Self publishing allows you to promote your book in the least possible time.

3. Have good financial gains: You get just 10% from royalties with traditional publishers, when you opt to get your book published through a publishing house. If your book sells for $9.99, you just get $1.25 as its royalties. E-books royalties are even worse. By following self publishing techniques, you can gain bigger benefits. If you publish your book all by yourself, you can keep most of the profits for yourself.

4. Publish whenever you wish: Traditional publishers are always busy and cannot dedicate special time due to their fixed dates for publishing several other books. When you opt to self publish, you can publish your books whenever you wish. By using self publishing tricks, you don't have to wait to get your book published.

5. No shelf-life: Those books that are published by the traditional publishers have got a shelf-life span. Generally, a traditional publisher will curb book marketing as soon as its significance in the market decreases and gives lesser financial benefits. However, this is not the case with self published books. You can have your hands on them as long as you wish.

6. You care for your book much more than publishers: Traditional publishers care for your books only for financial gains. If they come up with an opinion to drop or chop some content of your book to make it more lucrative, you do not have any say for maintaining the content as it is. A book that you created pouring your soul into it only to find it is unrecognizable in the end. At such times, self publishing proves the best option to maintain the entirety of your book. It allows you to have complete control over the editing and development of your book.

7. You get financial gains at a faster rate: If you are a budding author, you will receive an advance from a conventional publisher. Most of the times, advances are paid in installments over a considerable span. However, with self publishing you get paid at much faster rate, especially in regards to publishing E-books. Marketing your books online can bring you countless benefits.

8. People do not give importance to the publisher of the book: Generally, people give importance to the title of the book and the name of the author. They do not care who published the book. In general, they do not care which publication has published the work as long as the reviews are good enough to encourage them to buy the book.

Due to all these reasons self publishing is gaining more and more importance among authors these days. Self publishing a book is expected to have a great future on account of its explicit benefits and increasing significance among both budding as well as experienced authors.

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