Be Gifted with Unique Music of Your Life
Written by
Angelica Hopes
September 2013
Written by
Angelica Hopes
September 2013

"Be blessed with melody of love,

rhythm of joy, harmony of moments

in your unique symphony of life."

                            Angelica Hopes, reflections


Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul

Copyright 2013 © Angelica Hopes 

All Rights Reserved




... one day in a life of a novelist ...


Every day after I have accompanied my youngest daughter in school I go for a more or less one kilometer jogging. When I arrive home, one of my most treasured reflective moments is to play two or three of my pieces in piano and think how I would go about my editing, revising and how my hero and heroine and other characters on my current book project manuscript.  Also writing brief thoughts of wisdom or some valuable quotes are easy to share in twitter and Facebook graced by some random snapshots during my jog or walk of the day in the neighborhood. 


Whatever your commitment in life and your career, find time to balance your daily activities with serene reflections during the day.


Making the most of every situation we meet comes with blessings and grace of wisdom depending on our unique coping mechanism.


Have a wonderful day!


best regards,


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