Interview with Amy Wheeler of Hedgebrook
Written by
Monica J. Casper
August 2013
Written by
Monica J. Casper
August 2013



Happy to share my interview with Amy Wheeler, playwright and Executive Director of Hedgebrook. Amy is a "Feminist We Love" at The Feminist Wire; visit our site to find out why!






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  • Stacey Aaronson

    Hi Monica!

    Thank you so much for this interview with Amy!

    I'm new to She Writes, and finding this post was incredible because my girlfriend and I are planning to move to Whidbey Island in the next year or so. I know all about Hedgebrook and can't wait to be part of it, so seeing your interview was such a surprise and a gift!

    I just found out yesterday that She Writes published the Hedgebrook Cookbook (which I knew about from the I LOVE LANGLEY Facebook page I follow—Langley being a town in South Whidbey), so I have this tingly feeling all over from the connections among us all. Don't you just love when that happens? :-)

    Thanks again so much for a brilliant interview!