"This Place" Book Release Party
Written by
Miranda Innaimo
August 2013
Written by
Miranda Innaimo
August 2013

Before “This Place” Book Release Party started, I was out in the courtyard, setting everything up, but mostly praying; I asked the Father to allow me to touch the hearts of those in attendance, those who would travel the distance to gather to see me and to celebrate in the success given to me; I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who came together, and I wanted to show them the Love He has given to me.

The first guests were family and friends; in fact, all the guests were family and friends, with one new-comer.  My mother brought with her a plethora of drinks; two coolers, one of water, and one of canned soda.  The tables were dressed for the scrumptious food of HERITAGE PIZZA brought by Lexi, and before I knew it, the party was well underway.

Guests milled about in the courtyard, devouring the delectables and collecting their copies of “This Place” which were on sale for purchase; I was able to sign nearly every copy sold (sorry Matt Chavez that I forgot to sign your copy).  Sarah and Sabrina carried in plates and plates of dessert (so sweet our taste buds danced).  The music was refined; tapes played softly from a modest boombox as old as myself.

Towards the end, I asked everyone to turn to sub-title “Bi-polarity” and read “This Place” to the end with me.  Together, we

experienced the joy of knowing Him, in searching for His presence, and in being Known by the very source of all existence.  We laughed, we cried, but mostly, we were together, celebrating life in one accord; as friends, as family, as com-padre in the literal arts. It was nice to express the notion that although we may be flawed, we are still loved by Him; that although life is full of the struggle of sin, we are still known and unconditionally cared for by Him.

To those who were unable to attend, I am sorry that you missed such a lovely opportunity to bask in love and the Light of Love.  If the Lord wills it, there will be many more publications and parties to come.  I hope to see, someday, each and everyone of you there. But for now, just click the image below to buy my book!  Haha. Cheers and Love! MI

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